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History at Prees CE Primary School

History at Prees CE Primary School is an immersive and inspiring subject that stimulates a fascination with the past. Our teaching in History encourages our children to develop their historical skills such as asking questions about the past and looking for the answers in the study of artefacts, buildings and people.  Core historical knowledge is built upon from EYFS through to Year 6 adding layers of depth to understanding to ensure that children are knowing more and remembering more as they progress through school. Our History curriculum takes our children beyond the classroom and encourages them to study the past first-hand, meet and converse with others from whom we can learn and experience places with a story to tell.

History topics for the long-term plan have been chosen to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum and for their inspiring content. They have also been chosen to reflect the local, national and global historical events of the past. History is planned on a two-year rolling programme due to mixed age classes and is therefore not taught in every term. The subject coordinator works closely with all members of staff, to collaboratively create the medium-term plans and to ensure coverage relevant to the National Curriculum and the inclusion of the ‘core knowledge for history’. When history is being taught, it is planned to be rigorous and inspiring, allowing children to develop their historical skills and build upon knowledge from previous sessions.

The impact of collaborative planning is positive and shows consistency of content and approach. Observed lessons clearly follow the outcomes laid down in the medium-term plans and high expectations are evident in the standards of work produced. Through discussions with children and evidence in books, there is a genuine enthusiasm for the subject which can be attributed to the interest and confidence of staff. The children at our school can explain their understanding and knowledge in depth when discussing their work. They are excited by their lessons and many children cite history as their favourite subject.

History Long-Term Plan