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Key Stage 2 Results

Results at Prees CE Primary School

At the end of  Year 6 (KS2) children have to take statutory tests set by the government (SATs), the results of which are below. The results below show the percentage of the 2017 cohort who achieved the expected standard or higher in Reading, Writing Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar and Maths.

Key Stage 2 Results for 2017


Prees CE Primary

Nationally      (source DfE website)
Reading 90% 71.5%
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 80% 76.9%
Writing 95% 76.3%
Maths 95% 74.8%
Achieving all three: R,W,M 90% 61%


Average Progress Scores

Reading progress score +3.07
Writing progress score +2.07
Maths progress score +1.94


Average Scale Score

Reading 107.1
Maths 106.1


High Level of Attainment

Reading 25%
GPS 5%
Maths 5%